Top 6 blogging lessons from Mahabharata

Top 6 blogging lessons from Mahabharata

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Recently I was watching the Mahabharata series and from there I learned many life lessons and some of those lessons are also applicable in the blogging sector. And they were worth sharing. So, here I am with those important lessons, which can help you get successful in Blogging. I have shortlisted only 6 of the lessons but there are many more.


For those who don't know, what Mahabharata is?

Mahabharata is one of two major Sanskrit epics of Hinduism which contains the story of the struggle between two groups of cousins in the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes and their successors.

Actually, Mahabharata is a holy book containing many helpful life lessons that helps the people of Kaliyug to live a prosperous life.


Quality Over Quantity

image.png In Mahabharata, before the war, both the Pandavas and Kauravas head to Dwarka to seek help from Yadavas(People from Krishna's state). Krishna clearly mentioned that he will not use any weapons (Krishna had one of the most powerful divine weapons called Sudharshan Chakra.) in this war and he asked them to choose between him (weaponless) and his powerful Narayani Sena who were undefeatable. After Kauravas (Duryodhan) heard this, they chose Narayani Sena over Krishna but Pandavas(Arjun) chose Krishna. And at last, Pandavas won the war.

So, always focus on the quality of the content, not the quantity. If you have quality content, then only people would like to spend more time reading your article.

Learning is a lifelong process

image.png As mentioned in the Mahabharat, after the Kauravas and Pandavas finished their formal education from Guru Dronacharya, Kauravas hardly learned anything else. They were busy enjoying and spending time in unproductive tasks. But at the same time, Pandavas continued to learn new things and improve their skills. Arjuna worshipped Lord Shiva and learned to use Pashupatastra(one of the most powerful divine weapons of Lord Shiva). He even got the divine weapons and their knowledge from Lord Indra. Bheema also worshipped Lord Hanuman and explored new ways to improve his strength and learned other important lessons from Lord Hanuman.

As for Pandavas, we all also should keep on learning new technologies, trends, features, and many more. You need to be up-to-date with the current trends of the programming field if you are a technical writer.

Half knowledge is dangerous

image.png Abhimanyu (son of Arjun) is the best example for this lesson. In Mahabharta. Abhimanyu was of only 14 years when he fought in the war. Kauravas were very adamant to kill Arjun's son, so they for Chakravyuh(an invincible army formation that is deadly enough to finish the war in one day). In that war, Arjun was the only person who knows how to tackle that vyuh from the side of Pandavas. But he was not present there in the field. Abhimanyu had the knowledge to enter inside the chakravyuh but not of how to get outside of that Chakravyuh. But he enters inside the chakravyuh and got died. He was brave and courageous which shows his great character but half knowledge cost him his life.

So, always remember that whenever you learn something new. Try knowing all the important things about the topic.

Dedication is always greater than capability

image.png In the above lesson, I point out how the half-knowledge of Abhimanyu leads him to death. But he was too dedicated to that war, in spite of his capability, he fought very bravely until he died.

So, everyone should be dedicated to what they are doing.

Passion always find success


In Mahabharata, Karna being passionate about learning archery skills taught us that if you are passionate to do something, you will always find a way to succeed. From his birth, he faced many difficulties, but his passion for archery made him successful. His passion to learn led him to Lord Parshurama, from where he learns archery and other divine skills. He was equivalent or even more powerful than Arjuna.

The story of Karna inspires us to work towards our goals no matter how difficult situations we come across in our life. If we are passionate about our goal, we will conquer all the difficulties.

Motivation is a key to success

image.png In Mahabharata, Arjun denied killing Bheeshma, Guru Dron, and other relatives. He asked Krishna if he was committing any sin by slaying his dear ones. At that time, Lord Krishna stood up and motivated him. At that time Lord Krishna told him that, we should only perform our duty and should be entitled to the fruits of action. It was the strong motivation provided by Krishna which led to the Pandavas victory.

Motivation helps a person to get success. Everyone has their own reasons and ways to get motivated. So, always motivate yourself and dedicate yourself to your goal.

These are the top 6 lessons that you can learn from Mahabharata as a blogger.

Thanks for reading up to here. What do you think of these lessons? Comment down.