Introducing Postlr. - Multi-Platform blogging and scheduling

Introducing Postlr. - Multi-Platform blogging and scheduling

Article publishing and scheduling in hashnode and

Jul 30, 2021ยท

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Hey Folks ๐Ÿ‘‹

I am Ashik Chapagain. I hope you all are having a beautiful day today and wish for a beautiful day in the coming days. Today, I am introducing Postlr., a multi-platform blogging and scheduling platform.


Postlr. is a web app that helps you publish your article on multiple platforms and schedule it too. Postlr. supports both article publishing and scheduling in Hashnode and

Github / Site

How it works?

  • Create your account

    Postlr. uses Clerk, Google and Email. image.png

  • Connect your hashnode or tokens

    Postlr. supports Hashnode and To connect your account to Postlr., you need to use your token. image.png We validate your token by creating a sample article in your account. In hashnode, we delete that sample article, but in, we create unpublished article because of dev to API restriction. API doesn't allow to delete the article. Once your token is validated, it gets encrypted and stored in the database.

  • Create Article

    Now you have to create an article, and Postlr. will either publish or schedule your article based on your instruction. image.png

How scheduling in Postlr. works?

Scheduling task is handled by Postlr. Schedular Script which is hosted in glitch and runs every 10 minutes which is handled by CronJob.Org.

Github Link



  • Publishing

    You can publish your article directly to the hashnode and

  • Scheduling

    You can schedule your articles in hashnode and

  • Markdown Editor

    Advanced markdown editor with many features like buttons to heading, blockquotes, tables, code snippets, lists, photos, etc. It uses react-markdown with the remark-gfm plugin for converting MD to HTML for preview. emoji-mart for emoji functionality in the editor.

  • Image Uploader

    Postlr. allows you to upload the image from the editor and use it in your blog. When you upload the image, postlr. generates the MD text for adding the image to your article and URL too which you can use in the cover image field.

  • Emoji Picker

    Adding emojis in the article shows the emotion of the author. Many of us use many emojis in the article but hashnode doesn't have the emoji picker in the editor but Postlr. does.

  • Gif Search (Coming ..... )

    Many of us like to add gifs to our posts. So, Gif Search which is an upcoming feature will allow you to search and add the gif from tenor to the editor.


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